Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Year's Resolutions -

We have all done this.... made a resolution that we didn't keep.  Perhaps it was to exercise more, eat less, or stop a particular habit.  I don't like making resolutions because too often I break them.  For me, it is always about diet and exercise.  This year, I vowed not to make a resolution, but to focus my efforts on staying healthy.   Moderation, healthy choices and exercise are the key ingredients to balancing a healthy lifestyle.

As odd as this may seem, in addition to baking my delicious treats and running a successful baking business, I am also a fitness instructor.  I have instructed people for over 15 years and fitness has always been an integral part of my life.  I did take time off from instructing to focus on my family and career at Ford.  After leaving Ford in 2009, I began instructing again - AND launched my baking business.  Two things I am passionate about.

An oxymoron perhaps, but a prime example of balance and moderation.  I love the sweet treats and my Dessert POPS are the "perfect" bite-sized treat.  Enough to satisfy your taste buds by providing all of the satisfaction and none of the guilt.

Often people sabotage their resolutions by making it too strict.  If you made a resolution to give up sweets in 2014 - Don't deprive yourself!  With Dessert POPS, you can still have your cake -- and eat it too!  Make your resolution:  "Moderation - NOT - deprivation."

Happy 2014 -- make it sweet, make it fun, make it healthy - make it balanced!  

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